Our Team

ár bhfoireann

Mark Bannon- Training Centre Manager

Makes time for everyone. Is known to chat. Advocates a positive and learning-conducive environment while keeping the show on the road.

Pat C - Centre Advocate

With over three decades at the Training Centre, Pat supports our learners’ journeys throughout the course and further afield. This well-known local is our arm into the community and offers learners valuable connections to work experience and employment.

Emer - Learner Counselling Support

Our weekly dose of sunshine and positivity. Her infectious personality has helped many learners through difficult periods. Never without a smile, she chats and makes herself known to everyone.

Trish - Catering Instructor

Strives to see her learners develop and progress into the Catering Industry. Ensuring all learners receive the best standard of training available, she leaves no one behind on their journey. Ask any of her graduates too – her recipes are famous.

Pauline - Hairdressing Instructor

Her industry knowledge and vast local connections within the Hairdressing Industry have thoroughly benefited our learners. Her varied approach to learning has been fruitful to many of our graduates and continues to be for our current learners.

Pat F - Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

With a long and experienced history of industry work, there is no end to his passion for developing learners’ confidence and abilities . His positive mindset approach is infectious and has been the ticket to success for many of this course’s graduates.

Linda - Centre Administration

Has been with us almost since the very start. Being a bundle of knowledge and information, she is invaluable to staff and learners in answering their questions. Keeping all of us on our toes, she ensures things get done on time.

Glenn - Sound Production & Music Performance Instructor

With tones and tunes part of his fabric, he focuses his energy on transferring his extensive knowledge and passion for music to our learners to offer them the fantastic opportunity to learn and evolve throughout their time with him.

Gary - Sports & Fitness Instructor

Flies the flag for Sports & Fitness in the centre. His centre-wide approach and learner focus is offering a new lease of life to the course. Introducing wider certification, he enables learners to grow through the Sports median.

Fran - IT & Office Skills Instructor

Our resident IT guru, her course progresses at the learners individual pace. Giving learners all of her time, she transfers her knowledge with a warm and inclusive approach.

Arthur - Communications & Numeracy Tutor

With his vast knowledge and experience, his unique approach to Maths and Communications has made him a pillar for  learner success and an antidote to some of our learners’ prior experience with these subjects in school.