Work Experience



Work Experience is a very important training element at Mullingar CTC.  It gives the learner valuable experience in the workplace of their chosen career path as well as providing the learner with a contact person or reference employer for future job applications.

Learners have the opportunity to sample different work areas to see if the job in reality meets their expectations and to see if they have the necessary practical and personal skills to carry out the work. Learners receive their training allowance and are fully supported by the Advocate and their Instructor while on work experience.

As part of their QQI certification, Learners are required to complete a minimum period of 10 days work experience placement with an employer. 

We are aware of the anxiety and stress which can arise in some learners regarding this aspect of the course but our Advocate and Instructors are present to support the learner every step of the way.

Historically, we have significantly attributed successful graduate work placement to Learners completing a good Work Experience module as part of their course.  

Young man choosing jacket in shop with assistant
Young apprentice learning to work at carpentry shop

Learner Comment: “I would not have got a job in TK Maxx without the 6 month Linked Work Experience I did in Mullingar CTC" Lelia

Young chefs preparing food in kitchen
Young hairdresser straightening a clients hair in her salon

Linked Work Experience;

Historically, the centre facilitated an additional programme: our Linked Work Experience programme.  This programme aims to further bridge the gap between learners who have completed their course but require additional supports in the transition to employment. Additional supports  come in the form of an extended work experience placement and an individual keyworker is assigned to support the learner, engage with the employer and monitoring and progress reporting takes place as part of this transition.  

The programme is a standalone programme and an application is required for approval by Centre Management prior to commencement. The expectations for the learner and employers involved are clearly signposted prior to commencement.

Currently we are undergoing a re-development of this programme and hope to have this complete and running again later in the year.  

Mullingar CTC are hugely grateful for the patience and understanding shown by our large bank of Employers in Mullingar and surrounding areas who work tirelessly with us, providing work experience placements and training for our learners.


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